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The Alliance Recording System

The Alliance Digital Recording System is a new breed of voice recording equipment. The Alliance is designed to provide a cost effective, easy to use solution, for a wide variety of applications that include mixed analog, digital and VoIP recording in one chassis. The Alliance is configurable from 8 – 144 input channels and comes standard with 90,000+ hours of on-line voice storage, and 160,000 available on optional 500 gig hard drive.
Whether your organization has a need to record requests for emergency services, financial transactions, or just to have a record of verbal communications for legal compliance or dispute resolution, the Alliance Recording System’s intuitive and user friendly graphic user interface will help you simplify the process of recording, researching and playing back your critical voice interactions.

CSD has been responsible for implementing thousands of channels of recording in markets that include Public safety, banks, call centers, utilities, and others. We have the expertise to guide you to selecting the equipment best suited to meeting your unique needs. Whether you need to capture and analyze phone conversations; achieve total recording for liability protection or document conversations for security/training purposes, we can simplify your equipment selection.

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